Leadership Team


Phil founded D&A Group Services, along with Manny Cabral in 1988. His business sense and organizational strategies have allowed D&A Group Services to excel and become an industry leader. Phil’s exceptional business knowledge, expertise in analytics, and data driven thinking, are some of the reasons for the overall evolution of D&A Group Services. He is recognized for the knowledge he has brought to the industry, and is an advocate for progress throughout the business landscape. Phil continues to drive D&A Group Services to new levels of growth and performance.

MANNY CABRAL – Executive Vice President and COO

Manny founded D&A Group Services, along with Phil Morrison, in 1988, and is a well-respected innovator within the industry. Manny oversees the day-to-day operations of D&A Group Services, and is hands on with all aspects of operations. He is widely recognized for his leadership, as well as the long-term strategic planning of the company. Manny plays a vital role in the development and progress of the company, and his experience reflects the success of D&A Group Services.

RAY CARUANA – Vice President – Operations

Ray has been with D&A Group Services since 1991, in his current role as Operations Manager for the Ontario Retail Division he maintains the success of Clients in a wide variety of sectors. His department covers everything from Education to Utility, and Ray works with the rest of D&A’s management team to develop and deliver industry leading results, training and business practices. Ray is not only involved with the recovery of debt, but in addition, a huge proponent on the education side. Being an advocate for assisting students manage debt, having spoken in front of universities, colleges, and other institutions on topics that focus on the need to educate the student community on managing their heavy debt loads and being responsible with their finances.

LISA ROTONDI – Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager

Lisa has been with D&A Group Services since 2008, and oversees all aspects of Compliance and Quality Assurance. She works hand-in-hand with all the Collection Managers and Supervisors and supports their efforts through conducting formal audits, implementing quality control procedures, building compliance models, and coordinating and executing training programs. She also works collaboratively and closely with all of our clients to ensure that quality standards and compliance measures are intact.