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D&A Group Services understands how meaningful, and yet delicate, the relationship between a client and its customers can be. The balance between brand protection and guaranteed results is most significant to providing the best service possible.

Our value-added services provide freedom to our clients, letting them redirect focus to their business so that they may improve their financial position. Through our Brand and Consumer Commitment programs, D&A will protect your brand, while managing your customers in the most effective way possible, with Support That Works.

Not only do the benefits our clients see through the value-added services D&A offers range from customer retention to increased revenue, but they are also continuous and adaptable by nature, meaning you can rely on us no matter the issue at hand. 

Our value-added solutions allow businesses to free-up their time and improve their financial position so that they can get back to running their business.

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D & A Group Services – Support that Works

Our First Party Call Centre services will allow you to focus on your core business, help save you time and money and ensure that you maximize revenues at minimum risk.

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What They Say

I had the pleasure of working with Rossanna to settle an old outstanding payment. Rossanna was extremely professional, nice, and easy to work with. There’s a lot of horror stories for all collection companies just due to the nature of their industry, but I couldn’t have been more impressed with her and her customer service. Thanks team
Adam Ward