At D&A, we pride ourselves on our people. We believe that they are the backbone of our organization and a key reason for our success.  By fostering a culture of learning and development, we have developed many of the industry leaders.  Read some success stories from our very own D&A personnel.

Here are a few of our leadership success stories.

Ray Caruana , Operations Manager - Central

June 1st 1991 was my first day on the job, although this job was not one that I had planned to pursue. Eight months earlier I was studying a finance related program in college, until I completely ran out of money. Broke is more to the point. I dropped out of college to take time to generate some money to one day return. In my pursuit for employment I wasn’t too picky; however, a friend referred me to D&A Group Services (at that time D&A Collection Corp). My first interview didn’t go over well, as I wasn’t hired. My nerves and shyness held up my confidence, and my inexperience ultimately escorted me to the door without a position. In lieu of my bad nerves and shy perception I quickly re-geared and called the interviewer back basically begging for a job. After a long phone call I was given a chance…and so the story begins…

The role was entry level, but it was a role, and a much needed one to boot. Well, it’s been more than 25 years, roughly 7 role changes, 3 corporate moves, and I am still here. I’m fortunate to have been employed for so long at one place with a great group of people. That decision to call back was a big one in my career because it taught me something. Be persistent and never take no for an answer.

Secret to success:

Good communication and overall people skills. Our people are important to us, they are the most valuable commodity we have, and without them we would not be where we are. Recognizing this enhances my communication skills, which further enhances my people skills. Mentoring my staff is a never ending skill that is honed daily. That’s my focus and secret to my success.

Quote he lives by:

“Planning your work, and working your plan.”


“I have been working under the management of Ray since 2003 He Helped me grow with my collection and Client service skills … he is always there to help you when needed, he is a very kind, happy & positive person, always there to assist you succeed in your task/goal.”
-Jennifer Alonzi

Roberta Digos

I was born in Italy and arrived in Canada in ’81.  I didn’t speak English well and I was still trying to adjust to Canadian lifestyle. I was also recently married and just looking for a job, preferably office work. I didn’t know what collections was, but after a good phone interview I started the next day.

I didn’t like it at first, since back then collections law was not customer-centric. There was a lot of smoke and it was male dominated. I went home and didn’t come back.

Then I got a call from Manny Cabral for a different company, and an opportunity to work as a Jr. Collector. The atmosphere was much different than the first organization. This was the beginning of a career that allowed me to grow, and in ’97 I became the lead of the insurance sector, in which I now have a team of 12 support staff working with me.

“What keeps me here is that l truly love my job.”

Secrets to Success:

I never stop working. I enjoy my role at D&A and as a result this passion helps me create positive change.  I don’t sweat the small stuff, because l know there are bigger things to focus on. This commitment and drive, allowed me to open a restaurant with my husband, which is my second passion.

Quote she lives by:

“Everything is achievable if you work hard.”


“It’s wonderful working with Roberta. She is my manager, yet she is so approachable, friendly, cooperative and very professional. I share an excellent professional relationship with her. My life span in D & A so far has been really great and I do look forward for many more years to come. Thanks for being one of the best managers I had so far in my career.”
-Sreeparna Walia

Lisa Rotondi , Compliance & Quality Assurance Manager

Ever since Lisa can remember she wanted to be a teacher.  All of the things she did throughout her development was focused with this goal in mind.  Going to university and graduating with a degree in Psychology, and Early Childhood Education diploma was a great achievement. She was excited about her prospects.

Lisa began teaching at a private school in ’96 and went onto the Toronto District School Board in ’99 as a teaching assistant.  She worked in an urban neighborhood in east Toronto and built after-school sports programs to contribute to the community.

She was approached by someone in the collection industry and recognized that her teaching skills and background in psychology could be used in other areas. After a discussion on the potential of growth, she started as a collection officer. After ten months she was promoted to supervisor. In this role she began building training programs and processes for her team, which soon became the standard for the company.  This created the development of a new role within the organization and Lisa became the Branch Training Officer. In 2008, Lisa joined D&A Group Services and was hired to build and develop a full service quality assurance program. Lisa is now responsible for handling training and development initiatives, the auditing program/compliance models, client relations, and building company policy and protocols. She manages a team of five Quality Assurance representatives and works collaboratively with the Operations group to help maintain service level agreements and quality standards. Everyone in the organization has a relationship with Lisa and her team, as they represent an integral part of the organization and the integrity of its operation.  

“What drives me is that I flourish with challenge, responsibility, and the organization’s appreciation of my contribution.”

Secrets to Success:

Expect to work hard and adapt to your environment.  Be resilient.

Quote she lives by:

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”


“I have been employed at D&A Collection Corporation for five years and was recently promoted to work within our Compliance department. Working within this department I am constantly learning and growing. Lisa has always been approachable, knowledgeable and embodies all qualities of a mentor. Lisa has always been your go to person in every given situation, the door is always open and she is always there to listen. I am happy to be a part of the team and to be able to further my knowledge in this industry.”
– Natasha Meneses

Sarah Lush , Collection Officer - Central

Sarah started her career at the age of 18 through a YMCA career development program. She began working on small balance accounts, but quickly found a knack for resolving issues and moved on to larger accounts. Because she was able to consistently exceed her targets, she progressed to a supervisor role within a year. She attributes much of her success to good mentoring from individuals like Dorger Manohar, her manager at the time. Sarah was able to take her experience and newfound knowledge to continue to meet organizational objectives and manage her team, in the same way she learned, to create an effective group of individuals.

She feels the people are the organization’s biggest assets, and the working environment is conducive to growth and teamwork. “There’s always change happening and l like that, it keeps me developing. Working here shaped my thinking and made me become more confident and a leader.”

What keeps me here is that hard work pays off, they really are the support that works.

Secret to Success:

Hard work, a positive attitude by throwing away the negative.


Quote she lives by:

“All of your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.”
-Walt Disney


“I have worked for Sarah since the day she became a manager and she has been, by far, the best person I have ever worked for. She has encouraged me not only to be a better employee but also a better person. She is never too busy when help is needed and goes beyond the call of duty. She is caring yet stern. A true force to be reckoned with, Sarah is beautiful inside and out.”
-Jennifer Morrow