D&A Overview

About US

At D&A we know that whether you are a business owner or a consumer, life is made up of moments. While we hope that many of these moments are happy, we understand that sometimes they can be financially challenging. We take pride in helping you get back to those better times.
Cultural Charter
Vision: To become the most Customer-focused service provider
Mission: Everyday we assist our Customers in maintaining their financial performance and reputation Values: People. Partners. Performance
Objectives: Creating Customer-centric solutions that drive results
Company Promise: Support That Works

Support Moments

Life is about moments in time, whether you are looking at it from the perspective of a business or personally, life is made of up moments that together make up your respective story.

So, if you are a business that is caught up with the issue of managing cash flow that takes away from your daily focus, we are here to support you by providing the best debt resolution team in the business.

We are a Full Service Third Party Support Company. Our value-added solutions allow businesses to free-up their time and improve their financial position so that they can get back to their business.

As a Consumer, many of life’s key milestones (Education, Family life or Retirement) are filled with challenges, we know you understand the importance of keeping your financial obligations, yet sometimes life just gets in the way of managing your commitments.

At D&A, we are committed to working with you by supporting you through those tough situations to come up with a repayment plan that works with you so you can meet all of your obligations, and ease the stress and burden of debt; because we would like to get everyone back to happier times.