Financial Freedom for the Future
of Your Business

The importance of cash flow is known across industries, but many organizations struggle with maximizing available resources to ensure operations run as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

D&A Group Services will act as an extension of your business, with our experienced team focusing on your goals and our processes and technology allowing for ease of transition. We can initiate contact earlier on, while upholding your brand reputation, to aid in higher recovery rates and customer retention.

Your goals are our goals. Our First-Party solutions are specifically tailored to your business needs. Whether you’re looking to focus on your core business or simply don’t have the internal capacity for account recovery, we’ll find the answer, together.

Our trained professionals are well equipped
to manage your in-house collections and without the additional cost of
personnel, we can maximize your revenue. We will apply an approach of customer
service first, allowing for greater customer retention long-term, while
reinforcing maximum performance. Understanding that D&A Group Services will
be front-line representatives of your business is not taken lightly and our
promise is to provide Support That Works. 

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D & A Group Services – Support that Works

Our First Party Call Centre services will allow you to focus on your core business, help save you time and money and ensure that you maximize revenues at minimum risk.

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What They Say

I had the pleasure of working with Rossanna to settle an old outstanding payment. Rossanna was extremely professional, nice, and easy to work with. There’s a lot of horror stories for all collection companies just due to the nature of their industry, but I couldn’t have been more impressed with her and her customer service. Thanks team
Adam Ward