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At D&A we know life is made up of moments

At D&A we know that whether you are a business owner or a consumer, life is made up of moments. While we hope that many of these moments are happy, we understand that sometimes they can be financially challenging. We take pride in helping you get back to those better times.
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First Party Call Center

Our People, Process and Technology allow for a seamless transition to our First Party Call Centre Services.

Litigation Services

D&A Group Services engages the services of law firms specializing in matters requiring litigation where applicable.

Consumer Third Party

D&A Group Third-Party Collection Services has been helping Client Partners achieve their financial results since 1988.

Commercial Third Party

Our Commercial services are solutions based on helping you save time and money, while ensuring that you maximize your revenue.

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If you have overdue bill to pay, choose a payment option and follow the easy steps.


D&A Group Services works within a variety of industries and verticals. Find out more about our specialities and expertise.


D&A Group Services is committed to the concept of responsibility to the community.

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At D&A we look to create an organization that is focused on our Clients partners and their Customers.
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Giving You Financial Power

Business Segment

Our value-added solutions allow businesses to free-up their time and improve their financial position so that they can get back to running their business


We are very sensitive to the key Canadian economic indicators and understand how changes in these metrics impact the industry.


At D&A we understand the importance of Education in an individual’s development, specifically when it relates to how they perceive and manage debt.


In a hyper-competitive industry like telecommunications, one of the most important elements is connectivity.


In the highly regulated industry like insurance, understanding the corresponding policies and procedures is a necessity for effectively working with multiple stakeholders.


We know that with energy audits, environmental requirements and the push for more sustainable business relationships, the industry is becoming more competitive.

Health Care

The healthcare industry is changing at a rapid pace and our public systems are being augmented with private solutions.


We know that you have a wide variety of Customers that require your attention and that you don’t may not have the time to manage the receivables burden effectively.


From unpaid fitness centre memberships to delinquent car loans, our retail sector business representatives know that the most important aspect of your business is time and a place.

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Audit & Quality Assurance

At D&A we look to create an organization that is focused on our Clients partners and their Customers. We review every interaction point within our business processes, because we know that it is these “moments of truth,” where brands and their reputation are made or broken.

This commitment is paramount to our success and that of all individuals and organizations we interact with, and as a result we have launched a few programs to solidify this promise.

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