It is widely known that insurance is often required by law, but we all hope it’s never needed. Due to regulations, the insurance industry can be confusing to navigate, which is why at D&A Group Services, we’re here to operate as your strategic partner. Understanding the core policies and procedures is essential to work effectively with multiple stakeholders.  


Relying on our comprehensive knowledge and renowned stakeholder management strategies, we consistently meet requirements while exceeding expectations, whether working with the provider, broker, or customer in home, auto or life insurance. 


Our experience of over 20 years in the insurance market, coupled with our consequence counselling service that is second to none, allows D&A Group Services to resolve conflicts swiftly and reasonably for our clients. Our understanding of subrogation, as well as mergers and acquisitions that take place within the industry, ensures our performance results in positive financial resolution throughout these transactions. For these reasons, many leading insurance institutions rely on D&A Group Services as a valued partner. 

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Our First Party Call Centre services will allow you to focus on your core business, help save you time and money and ensure that you maximize revenues at minimum risk.

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